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Coroner’s Release (San Diego County)
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Coroner’s Release (South Riverside County)
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General Release Authorization
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Preneed Disclosure
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Individuals prepay for funerals and burials by entering into a preneed agreement, or contract, to pay in advance for goods or services they will receive upon death. Generally, this agreement is between the individual and the funeral director or cemeterian, and is funded through a funeral trust, annuity, or insurance policy. At the time of the agreement, a third party – typically a trustee or insurance company – assumes responsibility for the management of the funds. Thus, the individual often loses access to the funds upon signing the agreement, and can regain access to the funds only through the termination of the agreement. Upon the individual’s death, the funds are used by the representative of the funeral home or cemetery to provide the designated goods and services.

Declaration of Disposition
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This form, required by the State of California, provides a means whereby you declare what it is you intend to do with the cremated remains.

Authorization to Accept or Decline Embalming
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The State of California requires that we receive written acknowledgment of whether someone does or does not wish embalming to be done. If you do not wish to have a formal viewing or transportation by common carrier, embalming is not necessary. By signing this form you are saying either “yes” or “no” to embalming depending on what you indicate.

Consumer Guide
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The California Department of Consumer Affairs’ Cemetery and Funeral Bureau has developed this booklet to assist you in making the difficult decisions about funeral and cemetery arrangements for yourself or someone close to you.

General Pricelist
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Valley Cremation Service provides affordable self directed funeral services that are arranged online or over the telephone. The goods and services shown below are those we can provide to our customers.

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