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Cremation Services

Cremation Services

Valley Affordable Cremation Service

Direct Cremation reduces deceased human remains by flame and heat. This is a process that generally takes 2 hours or more. The cremation process starts at a temperature around 1400°. It can increase to a temperature of 1800°. Bone fragments and some inorganic materials remain after the reduction of a deceased. The bone fragments are reduced to a sand-like texture. Cremation can take place before or after a service.

Witness Cremation

Valley Affordable Cremation, cremation services near me, direct cremation, simple cremation, cheap cremationFamily members can choose to view the deceased before a simple cremation. Another option would be for the family members to be present at the cremation crematory. This is called a witness cremation. You can decide to have the Cremation done before a funeral service. Many families choose a cremation because it is less expensive. Cremations allow the family time to gather together.

Cremated remains can be buried at a cemetery or in a columbarium. They can also be scattered at sea or on land. Many choose the eco-friendly option of planting a tree with the cremated remains. Cremation allows an array of options to celebrate and memorialize your loved one. Valley Affordable Cremation offers cremation services near me. To make this process easier, use our pre-planned funeral service.

Direct Cremation

For Direct cremation, the body is cremated immediately after death. Direct Cremation is an affordable option for a loved one. Direct cremations will cremate the body after death. This means that you can use the services of a crematory rather than a funeral home. This can save a significant amount of money!!!

Simple Cremation

A simple cremation allows a select number of family members to pay their respects. They can say final goodbyes without the expense of a traditional funeral service. You will view your loved one in a basic cremation container with minimal preparation. The cremation process will take place shortly after the viewing.


Valley Affordable Cremation offers cremation services near me. We provide direct cremations, simple cremations, funeral services, and cheap cremations.

Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

Quality tributes take time in advance of the inevitable. Pre-planning a memorial service guarantees that your vision will be implemented. Allow Valley Cremation Service to bring your vision to fruition.

Why Should I Plan Ahead

Why Should I Plan Ahead

We are highly attuned to your needs, honoring them with professionalism and poise. Your departed loved one deserves a fitting parting tribute. Please contact us to help you pre-plan.

Cremation Services

Cremation Services

Families may still have a traditional Funeral or Memorial Service. They can choose to have the remains cremated. You may plan a Funeral or Memorial Service to honor your loved one.



The attention to detail and follow through from them was amazing. It’s very hard to lose a spouse but the staff members are extremely comforting and they listen to what I wanted. I feel like I gained a new friend in the funeral director there.

Marie Chaparo

Wow. Just, Wow. Evette made everything so easy and the cost was affordable!

Dawn Zolno

Evette from Valley Cremation Service was very supportive while I was a mess. She was a very good listener and took care of issues that I was unable to handle. I highly recommend her services.

David Cragg

Thank you so much for all your help my family and I are very blessed to have you help us in this difficult chapter of our lives. You are simply the best!

Hazel B. Lehman
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